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Frequently Asked Questions
  Can I change my email address
  Do petmillions give my email address away?
  Do petmillions hold my credit card details
  How can i get my image under 100kb?
  How do I logout
  How many votes do I get?
  I am not American, why do I have to pay $
  I have a 20 percent coupon code for extreme dog fence
  I cannot see a charity in my login?
  I cant see my pet "type" in the drop down list on the entry form, can I still enter
  I forgot my password
  I have a FREE upgrade code from a magazine/newspaper but it doesnt work
  I have a FREE upgrade code from a magazine/newspaper how do I claim it
  I have a FREE upgrade code from a magazine/newspaper however it only worked on 1 entry form
  I have forgotten my username
  I have more than 1 pet can I enter them
  I just upgraded my entry form from 1 photo to 3 photo but had to pay the full $3.00 even though I already have storage for 1 photo
  I just upgraded to a $5 entry form but cannot see how to put my youtube video in
  I live in the UK, can I still enter?
  I represent and animal charity, can we be on your site
  I uploaded new pictures to my entry form, but cannot see them on the voting page?
  I want a refund?
  I want to support "All Charities" - where does my money go?
  If I get into the grand final, do people still need to vote for me?
  Is this a lottery?
  Is your site on a secure server?
  My account has been disabled?
  Should I buy 1, 3 or 5 picture hosting
  Someone is using my photo of my pet on your website
  The picture I uploaded is not horozontal?
  What height and width do my images have to be
  What if my Pet dies before the end of the competition
  What size images can I upload
  Why am I being charged an extra $0.40 on the $1.50, $3.00 or $5.00 entry form
  Why cant I put more words into my entry form description
  Why do I need to pay for entry forms and where does the money go
  Why do I only get 1 free entry
  Why is my entry form inactive
  Why is the Guaranteed Prize Fund not a $1,000,000 straight away
  Will I have to pay anything to claim my prize